Government Communications

The world’s most advanced, resilient, secure and flexible military satellite communications service

Astrium Services fully integrates its Vizada and Paradigm subsidiaries. The satellite telecommunications services of Vizada, Vizada Networks and Paradigm will be marketed under the Astrium brand from October 2012. Astrium Services has reinforced its position as a world leader in satellite services. Now comprising four business lines (Business Communications, Government Communications, Satcom Systems and Solutions, and Geo-Information Services), it is the only company in the world to provide both telecommunications services and Earth observation satellite services.

Government Communications supplies military hardened satellite communications, primarily to the UK Armed Forces but also to a range of other governments and organisations around the world. Military satellite communications (milsatcom) services are delivered through the Skynet 5 constellation, the highest powered commercially available X-band satcom in orbit and are built to support the most challenging missions. Skynet 5 has been designed to meet the needs of the UK Armed Forces through to 2022 at least. Under the terms of our arrangements with the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD), the massive additional capacity designed into the system can be made available to other military and government users, including NATO. Astrium Services provide the following services for government, military and civil security sectors: 

Secure SatCom

M2M Services

Welfare Services 

Civil Security and HITS